Alternative Medicine Review will continue to publish provided that the subscription base continues to grow. With your support that will happen. Here are some answers to your FAQs.

Is there anything you can do to keep the journal going?
Yes, you can subscribe and you can ask your colleagues to subscribe. You can also thank the companies that advertise in AMR because they really keep the journal going.

Has journal access changed?
Alternative Medicine Review needs to pay basic bills, and unfortunately in order to do that we are no longer able to provide website access free of charge. Our new website requires that all full content readers be active subscribers to AMR. Once you subscribe you will be notified by email when new content is posted on the website. If you subscribe to the “Print and Digital” option, you will receive the print version in the mail four times a year. Non-subscribers will only be able to look at the abstracts, and they can purchase individual articles.

What about the discount subscription rates AMR has been offering?
Through June 1st (midnight, to be official) we are offering $40.00 for a year of “Print and Digital” subscription in the USA. We are offering $70.00 (US funds) to our friends in Canada for “Print and Digital”. “Digital Only” is $40.00 (US funds) worldwide with no discount.

What if we are not in the USA or Canada?
“Digital Only” is the only option we will be able to offer for International subscriptions.

I paid in more than the $40.00 (or $70.00 CDN) for my Print and Digital subscription - will I get reimbursed?
Unfortunately, no. The discount code must be put in correctly at the time of the subscription order as the process will not reverse.

I am a student - do you have special rates for students?
The discount rate we are offering now is special - it barely covers our basic costs. When the special is over (June 1st, 2012) we will be extending that same price to students when they provide us with acceptable student identification. We are sending some free journals to the Naturopathic Colleges in USA and Canada already as a courtesy.

Do I need to register again?
Those who have not registered since January 1, 2012 will need to register again. Sorry. If you have not received the mid-April registration email from AMR you are probably not registered. So please register at your earliest convenience.

What more do I do after I register?
After you register, and your account has been set up - you will need to proceed to the payment pager to finish your subscription! You can follow the path and pay via PayPal with your credit card (you do not need a PayPal account you just check out as a guest) - or you can send a check in US funds to the AMR office at 1610 Main St., Napa, CA 94559.

We are mentioning this because we have over 200 people who registered but never completed the payment process and now do not have the first issue of the journal for 2012.


With the new website can I manage your own account?
When you login, your account can be managed from the website. You can renew your subscription, you can change your mailing address, or you can change your password. Not terribly exciting, but it works.


What if I don’t do emails or website and hate the internet?
Well, you are probably not reading this answer. But, assuming someone else read it on this site and is now telling you, the answer is; you can send us a letter and ask us a question - people do still do that. You can get someone to download the PDF that is a printable form to fill in and you can mail that with your check to our office or fill out the form you get in your printed journal. You will have to ask someone who spends all day goofing on computers to print and mail you a copy of the ePublications when they are published.


I want to submit an article to AMR. Where do I get Information for authors?
On the navigation bar at the top of each web page is a tab called Information and “Information for Authors” is one of the options available on that tab. Your answers to all author questions should be on that page.


I would like to advertise in AMR. Where so I get information for advertisers?
Use the same tab as above but choose “Information for Advertisers” This page provides the most recent media kit in PDF format. There is also a PDF that has the specifications for both print and web ads.